CUF The Prepaid card for everyone

Fast & Easy topups

Keeping it simple

One Account

No commitment, no income conditions, no hassle.

The Card

Reload to make payments and withdrawals safely anywhere in the world.

The IBAN account

Personalized IBAN for payments.

Good to go in 4 easy steps

  1. Fill out an application.
  2. Submit KYC documents
  3. Receive your card in the mail
  4. Top-up your card and start spending


No constraints, full payment solution.

Accessible to everyone and without income conditions

Register with an ID or an international passport. No proof of income will be required upon activation of your card

Zero overdraft

Stay serene, no reason to go over your budget. Only the funds available can be spent.

One card without bank account and commitment

For more freedom, you card is not linked to any bank account.

A secure card

Lock and unlock your card at any time. Secure your payments thanks to 3D Secure

Contactless payment

Quick, secure and without effort, pay with your smartphone, your connected watch or simply by using the "contactless" on your card

Independent but never alone

Manage your operations in totaly autonomy. A question? No worries, we are here for you.mque laudantium, totam rem aperiam.

We have been looking for a payout options for our network of freelance coders and CUF turned out to be the perfect solution. No only were we able to solve our employees needs for an international payment solution, each card also came with an IBAN attached to it so they were able to use it like a bank account.

Jane Daya

Management at Thicia

Virtual or Physical we help you on every payment platform!

Virtual or physical – our cards work with most payment platforms.


You can make online and offline payment with CUF with ease and zero risk. Our cards are Securecode enabled.


Top up other online platforms with ease.

For example:

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